Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season

Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season


Storm season is here again, and Mississippi roofs see it all. Our severe weather ranges from traditional thunderstorms and hail activity, to tropical storms, or even hurricanes. Maintaining a properly functioning roofing system during this time of high activity is essential to protecting the value of your home or business. If you live in Mississippi, chances are your roof has already seen more wear and tear than it would under normal conditions. With that considered, a little prep now will go along way when storms arrive. This blog will discuss simple steps you can take to get your home ready for Mississippi’s storm season.

Steps to prepare your roof for Mississippi’s Storm Season:

Clean your gutters-

Storm season batters Mississippi roofs with wind, rain, and debris. If your roof’s gutter and drainage system is not operating at full capacity, your home or business is more susceptible to damage. Simply put, no matter what the condition of your roof, it’s tough to perform well if water can’t properly drain away from the home in a storm. We know cleaning the gutters isn’t fun, but it is truly an essential step if you want your roofing system to be ready for Mississippi’s storm activity.

If you are going to clean the gutters yourself, start at the top and work your way down. Remove twigs, leaves, and debris first. Make sure water can flow freely to all downspouts. Removing the downspout from the gutter system will make it easier to clean. Make sure all downspouts are clear and securely fastened to the gutter and roofing system. When in doubt call a Mississippi roofing professional.

Trim Trees-

Weather from severe storms batter Mississippi’s roofs with high winds and rain. Untrimmed trees become dangerous projectiles battering your home and roofing system. Best practice is to maintain all trees and limbs on your home or business property. Yet, the closer the overgrown limb is to your home or business, the more potential for damage. If an overgrown limb is over your roof, it needs to be trimmed as soon as possible. Trimming trees is another critically important step to ensure your home’s roofing system survives storm / hurricane season.

Check for damage-

Do an inspection of your roof from the ground. If you find loose or missing shingles, call a Mississippi roofing professional. Inspecting your attic space can also provide quality information. If you see water damage, wood rot, or mold- these are signs of roof damage that needs to be addressed. Contact a trusted local roofing contractor and have them do an inspection.

Review your insurance policy –

Mississippi weather can be severe. A direct hit from a bad storm will often cause damage no matter how much you prepare. Don’t wait until you need to make a claim. Review your insurance policy now and see exactly what your coverage is, and isn’t. Does your Mississippi insurance policy cover full roof replacement? Does it protect against floods? Ask these questions now, before you need to make a claim. Make adjustments to your policy if you’re not satisfied with your coverage.

Schedule A Roof Inspection-

When in doubt, schedule a roof inspection. An inspection from any reputable Mississippi roofing contractor will put you at ease, and ensure your roof is in great shape. A roof inspector will go over every part of the roofing system, looking for leaks, wear and tear, debris damage, organic growth or foundation issues, even problems that may have resulted from prior repairs.

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