Should I repair or replace my roof?

Should I repair or replace my roof?

Repair or replace? What’s the better option, and what should I consider?


In most circumstances we recommend roof replacement to resolve your home’s issues, this blog will dive into why we make that recommendation…

We often take our roofs for granted until they’re no longer performing the way we expect. A quality roof should last a homeowner 25 years with proper maintenance, but that can change with a without moment’s notice. Mississippi’s weather can be especially hard on roofing systems. We’ll make sure you know how to address a repair, and how to respond should a situation arise.

Be “careful” with partial roof repairs and replacements

Most of our customers throughout Mississippi expect their roof to last decades and don’t pay much attention until there’s a serious problem. As you’re probably aware, our chaotic weather often shortens the life span of local roofing systems. How do you know when to repair, and when to replace? How do you know you’re getting the right advice?

As a general rule of thumb, you should only consider repairing damage you can “spot” via an incident. I.e. water damage or structural damage caused by a specific storm or high wind event, ice, etc. If we “know” we had an incident and can “see” the damage, we can likely repair the damaged portion like a band-aid on a cut. That said, if our roof issues are not correlated to a specific incident, or can’t easily be seen or observed, they are often more widespread and evidence of problems with the roofing system as a whole.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why we recommend roof replacement over roof repair in most cases…

Getting the job done right:

For most Mississippi homeowners, replacing or repairing a roof is a major investment. Getting the job done right, is what’s most important. Decision making at this point of the process can determine the value and condition of your home for decades to come. Making repairs or structural changes to your roofing system is like doing surgery… and you should evaluate / make your decision with that in mind. Partial roof replacements or spot repairs are always less effective procedures. Yes it’s more cost effective now, but like “band-aid,” normally doesn’t truly rectify your problem. Just like a medical procedure with a human being, going “under the knife” should be minimized. If we can get everything done in one procedure, we should! For all intents and purposes, a partial re-roof, should really be a full re-roof in almost “all” circumstances. Your home is your largest investment, if you’re already making major repairs, spend the extra cash to get the job done right and avoid future headaches down the road.

Saving money:

When Mississippi home and business owners opt to “repair” as opposed to replace their roofing system it’s normally because of cost. Yes, a partial re-roof or repair will be cheaper than a whole new roof. But roofers quote jobs at “cost per square.” It’s normally more efficient to do the full makeover rather than focusing on specific areas or repairs. Considering labor rates and scheduling issues, replacing your roof will always be more cost effective long term.

Proper appearance / quality:

Spot repair or partial roof replacement works for immediate damage control, but can diminish the overall appeal of your home or building. Contractors try to match shingles, and aim for “good as new,” but it doesn’t always work out that way. Nothing leaves homeowners more sour than making a sizeable investment in repairing their system, only to discover an uneven barrier or non-matching shingles once the job is completed. Now their home is turning neighbor’s heads, for all the wrong reasons. To go back to the “surgical” analogy; if we’re going to go under the knife it’s best to do the full procedure, and get it done right the first time.

Avoiding downtime:

Business owners know how detrimental downtime can be to the bottom line. It is inevitable uncontrollable forces will slow your business or halt production. Why let your roof be one of them? Problems with a roofing system will frustrate employees, but can be deal breakers for customers. The risk / reward to your business and cash flow, normally dictate staying away from spot repairs or band-aid fixes. A full replacement gives you piece of mind to focus on what really matters, you!

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Your roof is the most crucial investment you’ll ever make regarding the life of your home or business. Our team of experts at Ready 2 Roof understand and take this responsibility very seriously. From a hole in your roof, to a whole new roof, contact us today for Mississippi’s preeminent roofing experience. We proudly serve Jackson, Meridian, and all surrounding areas.