Is A Hot Attic Keeping my AC From Cooling Effectively?

We hear from a lot of customers who are surprised or concerned when they figure out the’ye got a hot attic. We’re often asked whether that’s a problem; understandably, homeowners get concerned that the heat is affecting the efficiency in their HVAC or other systems.

But the truth is, a hot attic is OK. It’s even expected!

During the summer we get a lot of calls from people asking us to check out their roofing ventilation. It may seem like a random seque, but that question is actually sort of a “poker tell” — it suggests to us that a contractor has told them their attic is too hot.

And, too often, it’s an AC guy or HVAC repairman that tells a homeowner they’ve got a hot attic — and, supposedly, that’s why the AC won’t cool the house effectively.

The problem is that almost all the time, a hot attic really isn’t the problem. After all, heat rises; a cooler attic wouldn’t affect the floor below.

We’ve found there are generally three reasons that an AC unit won’t cool your house:

  1. There’s not enough insulation.
  2. There are leaks in duct work.
  3. The AC unit is undersized.

It’s pretty much always one of those factors or a combination of the three. After all, the AC pulls the air from inside the house to cool; it doesn’t pull it from the attic.

Want to know for sure if you’ve got leaks or similar problems? Let us know. Ready 2 Roof now has a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera.

We can come and take pictures of your ceilings, and duct work to determine where there are differences in temperature and what the true problem is.

We will then recommend a good air conditioner repair man, and we will install more insulation (you should have at least 18 inches of insulation) if you’re low on insulation.