Here at Ready2Roof, we know your roof is the most important part of your house.

Routine maintenance goes a long way in catching minor issues before they become costly problems. All you need is a weekend — and these helpful tips from us!

Next time you clean the gutters (you are cleaning your gutters, right?) look for signs of:

  • …accumulated debris, leaves, sticks and limbs that can damage shingles, promote algae growth and clog the gutters.
  • …low-hanging branches, which give animals access to your home. Remove them to keep squirrels and raccoons off your roof and out of your attic.
  • …wear and tear, like shingles that are curling, damaged or missing. Replacing one or two shingles is easy and inexpensive.
  • …fungus, algae and moss. If you see these starting to collect, install zinc or lead control strips.
  • …rust on metal areas. Remove rust from the metal with a wire brush, then prime and paint.
  • …unsecured or unsealed flashing. Remove old caulk and scrub the affected area before resealing.
  • …deteriorating mortar or caulk on chimneys or joints. Seal it with roofing caulk or asphalt cement.
  • …nail pops, or nails that stick up from the roof. Remove the nail with a claw hammer. Tap another nail into the shingle about an inch above the original nail site and use asphalt cement to close the first hole.

Don’t let lack of time or motivation cost you in the long run. Ready2Roof also does roof maintenance and minor repairs like the ones listed above.

For repairs, remodeling or construction projects, call the licensed, manufacturer-certified contractors at Ready2Roof at 601-573-1160.