Baby, it’s cold outside. But is it too cold to roof?

Thanks to a blast of frigid northern air, temperatures in the Jackson metro area will plummet 40 degrees in less than 48 hours. What does that mean for roofing projects? Nothing, really. Ready 2 Roof can install and repair roofs in colder temps. It just takes a little more planning and a few extra precautions.

Temperature swings don’t generally affect a roofing job, but sustained low temperatures can. When temperatures stay below 40 degrees, shingles get brittle and can break. A brittle shingle can also “blow a nail,” which means the nail head punctures through the shingle and won’t hold it in place.

Although commercial roofing materials like PPA or metal aren’t as affected by cold temperatures, any residential shingle is going to have issues if it’s too cold. Even if it’s 45 degrees outside and it was freezing the night before, it may still be too cold to roof.

Low temps can be a safety issue for roofers and on-site workers, too. Ice or frost on roofs in the mornings can cause accidents. Hypothermia can occur in wet, windy conditions as warm as 50 degrees. In warmer temperatures, conditions could be too slippery for workers right after it rains.

In Mississippi, roofing can be done just about year round—including during colder temperatures and less-than-ideal conditions—if safety precautions are taken to protect workers and if shingles are stored in a warm room prior to installation to prevent breakage.

No matter how cold it gets, residents and commercial businesses in Brandon, Flowood and Madison can contact the manufacturer-certified contractors at Ready 2 Roof at 601-573-1160.