When storm damage occurs, you know to call your insurance company, but do you know that many costs associated with roof repair and replacement are overlooked by adjusters?

Ready 2 Roof has been helping customers navigate the insurance claim process and save hundreds—sometimes thousands—of dollars for the last ten years. We want working with us to be as headache-free as possible.

By allowing us to look over your insurance paperwork, we can verify your claim and spot missed summary items like:

• Access charges: if access to your property is restricted by large trees, small gates, narrow driveways or other obstacles, the manual labor to move your materials from the truck to the site could cost between $200-600.
• Steep slope charge: replacing a roof with a steep slope costs more than replacing a traditional roof.
• Second story charge: replacing the roof on a second story or dormers is not the same as replacing a single story or uninterrupted field of roof.

If your adjuster hasn’t included these items, you could end up paying added expenses out of pocket. Ready 2 Roof can help you maximize your claim and minimize—or even eliminate—any out-of-pocket expenses. Many homeowners don’t know that insurance estimates can be negotiated if the addition of missing summary items or newly discovered damage increases the cost of replacing your roof.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that process alone. But there are a few things you can do to simplify the insurance claim process:

  1. Call Ready 2 Roof as soon as you see roof damage. We will come out and install a temporary patch immediately to stop the damage from getting worse.
  2. Call your insurance company. It will send out an adjuster who will assess the damage and assign an estimate. The adjuster will also see the temporary patch and add it to the estimate. You will receive an insurance summary and a check for repairs based on the estimate either on the spot or days later in the mail. Note: no other repairs should be done until an insurance adjuster can access your property damage.
  3. Call Ready 2 Roof. Share your insurance paperwork with us so we can verify the accuracy of the summary and, if there are missing items, we can negotiate the changes to your estimate for you. Because we have been in business for ten years, we have relationships with insurance companies and their adjusters. They know us and trust us. So can you.
  4. Let Ready 2 Roof send the final invoice directly to the insurance company. This way, we can make sure there are no inconsistencies or gaps in the cost of our work compared to what your insurance company agreed to pay out. If you send in the final invoice yourself, the insurance company could spot costly errors that would decrease the amount it is willing to pay out or cause you to unwittingly sacrifice previously deducted depreciation costs.

Ready 2 Roof understands all the factors that go into an insurance claim, so we can maximize your estimate, make necessary repairs with little to no cost to you and make your house whole again. Call us today at 601-573-1160.