Roofing tips, tricks and maintenance for residential properties.

Storm Damage Scammers: Storm Chasers and Roving Roofers

We understand the urgency and chaos that follows after a major storm. Residents want their homes restored and made whole as soon as possible. At Ready 2 Roof, we can install an emergency patch at no cost to you and respond to emergency calls within hour as part of our storm response service. Because your [...]

Low Slope and Steep Slope: What’s the Difference?

Remember sitting in math and wondering if you were ever going to use this in real life? Just ask Ready 2 Roof's contractors: slope=rise/run. All day long. It's the formula used to figure out the pitch of your roof. As the primary factor in roof design, roof slope is a very important architectural aspect of your [...]

Roof Repair: Three Problem Areas (That Aren’t Actually On Your Roof)

Not every part of your roof system is actually attached to your roof. When inspecting your roof and doing routine maintenance, don't overlook these important components: Fascia is the border that runs along the edge of your roof. It forms a barrier between the elements and the edge of your roof. It also prevents weather [...]

Roof Repair: Safety Around Electricity (Part 2)

Carelessness around electricity results in hundreds of deaths and thousands injuries every year. Before you climb on your roof to do minor repairs or routine maintenance, remember "B.E. S.A.F.E." and keep these safety tips from Ready 2 Roof in mind: Survey your work area for potential electrical hazards, like overhead power lines, frayed power cords or [...]

Roof Repair: Safety Around Electricity (Part 1)

Of all the work space hazards in DIY construction and repair, electricity is one of the deadliest and most misunderstood. Ready 2 Roof wants to fill in the gaps for you because, when it comes to electricity, there isn’t a lot of room for error. Remember “BE SAFE” to avoid the most common electrical hazards [...]

Roof Repair: 10 Tips for Preventing Falls

When you inspect your roof for damage or clear it of debris, be safe! According to the National Safety Council, 6,000 people die from falls each year and 30,000 are injured as a result of falls involving ladders. OSHA reports that falls are the leading cause of death on construction sites. No matter how skilled [...]

How do you choose the color for your roof?

If you’re building a new house, you have to choose a roof color long before you pick out counter tops and appliances. It can be tough. After you narrow down your choice of materials, you still have to choose from a broad range of colors in a wide range of shades and textures. And you’d [...]

How do I know if I have water damage?

Water damage from a leaking roof isn't always as obvious as a spreading stain on the ceiling or dripping water puddling onto the floor. Ready 2 Roof has special tools that detect the presence of moisture from hidden leaks. If you suspect you have a leaking roof but aren't sure, here are the more subtle [...]

What kinds of roofing materials are available?

When it comes to what to put on your roof, home owners have several options. Architecture, budget, longevity and aesthetics all play a part in the decision-making process, but the professionals at Ready 2 Roof can help you narrow down your options. Architectural shingles Asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingle. [...]

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