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Emergency Storm Response!

Ready 2 Roof is here for you when disaster strikes. Call on us for emergencies that will give you the peace of mind you need through these emergencies.

Ready 2 Roof Is There When You Need Us

We strive to be the peace of mind you need when the unfortunate happens. Call on us and we will be there to help.

  • Temporary Patch at No Cost To You.

  • Free Roof Inspection.

  • Free Consultation.

  • We’ll Talk To Your Insurance Company.

  • Restore Peace of Mind.


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Storm and Rain
Central Mississippi Homeowner… Are you worried that your roof has damage from recent storms?

CALL US NOW AT 601-573-1160!

Our Storm Response System includes:

Temporary Patch at No Cost To You. We’ll come out and place a temporary patch on your roof to help avoid further damage.

Free Roof Inspection. We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof — including shingles, possible structural damage and all hardware.

Free Consultation. We’ll discuss your repair options with you, including possible simple repairs that won’t require your insurance company.

We’ll Talk To Your Insurance Company. If repair (or roof replacement) requirements are extensive, then we’ll call your insurance company.

Restore Peace of Mind. Most importantly, we’ll get you in better shape as quickly as possible and start the process on securing your home from the elements.

Get peace of mind quickly at no cost to you!

CALL US NOW AT 601-573-1160.

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