Best Roofing Shingle Color for Home Sellers


When a home seller needs to replace a roof, return on investment is top of mind. What roof type will return the best value? What shingle color will attract the most buyers? If you are considering listing or selling your property, this blog will guide you through our customers most frequently asked questions and help you maximize your home’s appeal.

Steps to Consider for Mississippi Home Sellers:

Keep It Simple

Home sellers replacing an old roof are concerned with seeing a return on investment. They want their home sold, and sold quickly. Though it sounds obvious, keeping it “simple,” is the easiest way to pick the right roof color for selling your home.

Your roof accounts for 25% to 40% of what buyers see from the curb. So don’t reinvent the wheel. Pick a color or color blend that is in in line with what neighbors in your area are using. Google maps is an easy way to survey the entire neighborhood. Examples of colors you like can be quickly shared with your roofing contactor.

Be “Average”

When selling your home, choosing a roof is a “pass / fail” course. There’s no penalty for being average, no need to be “top of the class.” We simply want to pick the roof that will make our property most attractive on the open market. Conversely, picking a unique roof type or shingle color, can be counterproductive or even lower home value. What looks perfect to you, might be an eyesore for others. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple.

If your neighborhood has a homeowner’s association, check the bylaws regarding exterior and roofing colors. Again, a conservative shingle color is normally best.

Color vs Temperature

Dark shingle colors absorb and retain heat. Light shingle colors reflect or repel heat. Consider Mississippi’s hot weather as a factor when choosing shingle color. Not to say you “can’t” pick a dark shingle for your home. Just remember shingle color can mean up to a 40 degree difference in attic temperature, which affects utility bills as well. If your home’s exterior color dictates being paired with a dark roof shingle, don’t hesitate to do so. For example, red and blue exteriors often look best with dark colored roofing shingles. When in doubt, refer back to the “keep it simple” approach above.

Charcoal Grey

When in doubt, homeowners often choose charcoal grey. Whether your house is light or dark in color, consists of siding or brick… charcoal grey matches well with almost any home style. The neutral grey palette blends well when the home is viewed or photographed from the curb, and is less likely to turn off potential buyers. Remember there’s no penalty for average, it’s preferred. Having the most unique roof in the neighborhood is not correlated with a quick sale.

Ask the experts

Our manufacturer certified contractors at Ready 2 Roof can answer all your roofing questions and help you decide which color and materials are best for your home. Picking the right roofing materials will help your property sell faster. Our team of experts at Ready 2 Roof take this responsibility very seriously. Contact us today for Mississippi’s preeminent roofing experience. We proudly serve Jackson, Meridian, and all surrounding areas.