How do you choose the color for your roof?


How do you choose the color for your roof?

If you’re building a new house, you have to choose a roof color long before you pick out counter tops and appliances. It can be tough. After you narrow down your choice of materials, you still have to choose from a broad range of colors in a wide range of shades and textures. And you’d better be sure, because you’re going to have to live with your decision for the next 20-50 years!

Ready 2 Roof’s manufacturer certified contractors can guide you through this process. Here are a few things to consider:

Energy efficiency

Your roof plays an important role in temperature regulation and energy efficiency. And shingle color can, in fact, impact the temperature of your home. One study used black versus white shingles and found a temperature differential of 10 degrees.

However, most roofs are in the brown and gray shades and the temperature differential is less significant, so you don’t have to choose a roof color based solely on its thermal properties.

Exterior of your home

Many elements on your home’s exterior can be changed, from paint color to siding to shutter style. One thing you’re stuck with for the long haul is brick color, so choose a roof color that coordinate with your brick. The same goes for siding and exterior paint colors: pick based on your brick.

If you don’t have brick, take your shingle color cues from your home’s exterior colors. Choose something that compliments–rather than blends or exactly matches–your home’s current paint color to avoid a flat, monochromatic color scheme.

Conversely, if the exterior of your home has multiple colors, textures or architectural details that are intricate, choose a roofing material that won’t stand out or compete with bold or intricate exterior features.


Lighting changes the appearance of your exterior and roofing choices throughout the day. Look at roofing samples in sunlight and cloudy days, in full sun and in the shade. It’s important that your exterior and roof colors look good together in all lighting.

Resale Value

If you plan to stick around for a long time, you can customize your home to your own tastes. But if relocation is in your future, make choices with the home-buying market in mind. A bold choice that you love may be another home-buyer’s deal-breaker. Choose neutral colors and complimentary colors that will appeal to a broad market.

Our experts at Ready 2 Roof can explain the benefits of different roofing materials and help you narrow down color choices. We’ll even go with you to choose your materials. If you are building a new house or gearing up for renovations, contact us today for a free estimate and no-obligation estimate.