Is Your Roof Ready for Christmas?


Is Your Roof Ready for Christmas?

Christmas season is here once again and we can’t be more excited about it! Nothing says “Christmas” quite like a string of lights on your roof. However, before climbing up and decorating the roof, you should take a moment and think about your roof’s condition. Basically, you will need to do some roof inspecting, and maintenance if necessary. And while that might sound hard, we are here to tell you how to check if your roof is ready for Christmas!

Why Is Checking the Roof Important?

While most people decorate their roofs, few are aware of the effect that Christmas lights have on them. A roof is designed to face natural elements, such as rain and snow, so additional pressure could damage it. Furthermore, if there are any structural problems or damaged shingles, chances are you might do more harm than good.

Besides, loose gutters can be extremely dangerous for the person hanging the lights. Add in a steep roof pitch, and you may end up getting yourself injured if you make a wrong step.

All things considered, regular inspections should be your priority, especially before climbing onto the roof. An inspection will allow roofing professionals to look at areas such as gutters and chimneys. That way, any structural issue can be tracked down before it turns into a bigger problem.

What Should You Do?

The first thing on your list should be giving us, here at Ready2Roof, a call! Our team of highly trained professionals can find even the minutest details and problems. We search for leaks, cracks, and broken shingles using the best tools available on the market.

Then, we use high-quality materials to fix the issues, making sure that you still have time for decorating. Everything will be done with the utmost efficiency so you can go enjoy a relaxing, carefree Christmas.

How To Safely Decorate Your Roof

When decorating, you should pay extra attention to your roof’s structural integrity in mind. Even though some Christmas lights will require hanging, you should look for ways to attach them without puncturing the roof.

For example, you could try using gutter clips, as they don’t put too much pressure on the system. That is safe for the gutter while still allowing for a beautiful display. Alternatively, consider looking up magnetic Christmas lights. They clip onto the shingles without puncturing or cracking them and you can easily remove them after the holidays. Last but not least, velcro clips can do wonders for your roof.

Let’s Get Up There!

All in all, Christmas is a wonderful time and it would be an utter shame that you don’t decorate your roof. All you have to do is take extra precautions before you go on this year’s decorating spree. Have your roof checked regularly and don’t put extra pressure on it beforehand. And if you require professional help, call us so we can give you a hand. We will happily check the roof and fix any problems we find. Our priority is to make sure that you go back to decorating in no time!