Is Your Roof Ready for Santa and His Sleigh?


Is Your Roof Ready for Santa and His Sleigh?

Christmas is right around the corner, and homeowners all over the world have started to prepare for it! Few things are as representative of Christmas as seeing your home lit up after you’ve spent hours decorating it. But before you pick up your ladder and start working on your decorations, you should first step back and think about your roof’s condition.

To put it simply, you’ll have to do some inspection and some maintenance work. But although that might sound overwhelming, we are here to help you understand how you can check if your roof is ready for Santa and his sleigh!

Why Should I Check My Roof?

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that Christmas decorations, including lights, can affect your roof. More specifically, since a roof is designed to withstand natural elements like snow and rain, any additional pressure can damage it. Not only that, but if your roof is already dealing with structural damage or missing shingles, you might do more harm than good by decorating it.

Additionally, loose gutters can be a hazard for the person hanging the lights. And if you are working on a steep roof pitch, one single wrong step can mean the difference between life and death.

Therefore, regular inspections are a must, especially before you decide to climb onto the roof. Why? Because an inspection will reveal any structural issues that could ruin your Christmas. Besides, it’s always better to track down roof issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Where to Start?

The first thing you should do is give us a call! Here at Ready2Roof, we are always happy to help you prepare your roof for the holiday season. Our expert team is able to find even the smallest issues that your roof might face. We check for everything, including cracks, leaks, and broken shingles, using only the latest tools on the market.

Afterward, we use high-quality materials to fix every issue we come across. And best of all, we do it in a timely manner, so you’ll have enough time to finish decorating. As a result, by calling us, you can sit down and relax, knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy a carefree Christmas.

How Can I Safely Decorate My Roof?

If you want to decorate your roof, you need to pay attention to your roof’s structural integrity. In other words, you should look for ways to hang your Christmas lights without puncturing the roof.

For instance, you can rely on gutter clips, as they don’t put too much pressure on your roof. Similarly, you could look for magnetic Christmas lights since they don’t require puncturing and can be easily removed after the holidays. Finally, if you are out of ideas, you can give Velcro clips a try.

Let’s Get to Work!

Overall, Christmas is one of the most important holidays, and it would be a shame not to decorate your home. Just make sure you follow every safety procedure and inspect your roof before attempting to climb onto it. And, if you need any more help, you can always give Ready2Roof a call!