Roof Repair: 10 Tips for Preventing Falls

Roof Repair: 10 Tips for Preventing Falls

When you inspect your roof for damage or clear it of debris, be safe! According to the National Safety Council, 6,000 people die from falls each year and 30,000 are injured as a result of falls involving ladders. OSHA reports that falls are the leading cause of death on construction sites.

No matter how skilled you are, safety is the most important tool in your kit. Here are some tips to help keep you safe while inspecting or repairing your roof. Remember: if a job is too big for DIY, contact the pros at Ready 2 Roof.

  • Organize your workspace and make sure it is clear of debris. Take note of slip hazards and electrical lines.

  • Place material where it can be safely and conveniently accessed. Resist the urge to carry multiple bundles.

  • Block access to pets and children so that you won’t be distracted and so that they won’t get hurt.

  • Wear shoes with a soft, non-skid sole. Hard soles can cause slips even on a dry roof.

  • Do not work on a slippery roof. And remember, leaves can create a slipping hazard.

  • Make sure the rungs of ladders are dry and clear of debris.

  • Take advantage of anchors that secure the ladder to the roof. And never move a ladder with someone on it.

  • Use safety equipment that can prevent falls, like safety harnesses, ropes with roof anchors, brackets and toe boards.

  • If you are unsure how to use this equipment, consult the equipment manufacturer or get a hands-on demonstration from a home repair retail expert

  • before you need to use it.

  • Work with a buddy. Another set of eyes on a job site might spot hazards that you alone may not see. And if an accident occurs, an injury can turn into a tragedy in the time it takes for someone else to find you.

If a job is too big or you don’t have the time, let Ready 2 Roof take care of the repair for you. Our manufacturer-certified contractors have a proven reputation for personal customer service, dependable work and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call us at 601-401-4636 for a free inspection and no-obligation estimate.