Roof Repair: Safety Around Electricity (Part 2)

Roof Repair: Safety Around Electricity (Part 2)

arelessness around electricity results in hundreds of deaths and thousands injuries every year. Before you climb on your roof to do minor repairs or routine maintenance, remember “B.E. S.A.F.E.” and keep these safety tips from Ready 2 Roof in mind:

  • Survey your work area for potential electrical hazards, like overhead power lines, frayed power cords or damaged extension cords.

  • Call your power company if you cannot avoid being near power lines or are unsure of the location of underground lines.

  • Do not use a metal ladder. Metal is an excellent conductor of electricity, which is great if we’re talking about wiring, but it’s not exactly a feature you want in a ladder. Opt for a wooden or fiberglass ladder instead.

  • Be careful with metal flashing. Arc flashes occur when electricity jumps or arcs to a metal object, like a ladder or metal flashing, several feet away.

  • Do not touch “hot” or open current electrical lines with your bare hands, gloved hands or tools. Even if you think you can bump it out of the way, all it takes is a fraction of a second for electricity to course through your muscles, cause your muscles to spasm and render you incapable of letting go of the wire or tool.

  • Look overhead for power lines when using tools with extensions, like paint poles and extension ladders.

Underground power lines are completely concealed. Overhead power lines are not insulated. Both carry high voltage that is deadly, but they are only one of many sources of electricity you can come into contact with while doing minor repairs and routine maintenance on your roof.

If a job is too big or too dangerous, the safest thing you can do is leave it to the professionals. The manufacturer-certified contractors at Ready2Roof make safety a top priority. We have been trained in accident prevention, adhere to safety guidelines and understand the hazards of working near electricity on a daily basis.

We can take care of your roof so you can take care of yourself, your family and your home. Call us today at 601-401-4636 for a free inspection and no-obligation estimate.