Should I buy A House With An Old Roof?

Should I buy A House With An Old Roof?

You’ve found the perfect house, in in the perfect location; only to discover there’s problems with the roof. What should do you do now? Simply walk away? Ask the owner to fix or make repairs? In this blog, we’ll discuss these questions, and make sure you’re better prepared as you enter the buying process.


Step 1: Get a second opinion from a trusted Local Roofing Contractor

Ensure you’re making the right decision by getting a second opinion from a trusted local Mississippi Roofing Contractor. Scheduling an additional inspection will validate exactly what is wrong with the roof and roofing system. A roofing contractor looks for leaks, wear and tear, debris damage, organic growth, foundation issues, even problems resulting from prior repairs.

Step 2: Review the situation

Your roofing contractor’s inspection will validate what is truly wrong with the roof, as well as give you an idea of whether you should repair or replace. If you discover major issues, factor them into negotiations when you make an offer. Your roofing contractor’s inspection will help you understand what those costs will be. If damage is more widespread or includes foundational issues- your roofer will be most candid in advising you how to proceed, or even walk away. Though negotiating may take time, or allow other parties to make an offer on the home… in the end it’s normally worth it, and ensures you get a fair deal.

Step 3: Avoid Seller Replacement

The current homeowner may offer to make repairs themselves, or even fully replace the roof. We advise potential home buyers to avoid, or at least be cautious, of this option. The current homeowner rarely has your best interests in mind. Their aim is to sell the home as quickly as possible, maximizing profit along the way. “Cheapest ain’t never best,” and with that in mind, we can assume a seller won’t be putting the “best” roof on your home.

Step 4: Negotiate

So should you buy the house with the old roof?

It boils down to negotiation. First and foremost, ask the current homeowner and seller for “credit” towards completing re-roof / repairs as opposed to letting them fix everything on their own. “50/50” is a common starting point in many negotiations. Obviously, this figure goes up or down depending on the strength of the market, other offers on the property etc. etc. Though you may not get 100% of the re-roof or repairs paid for, “you” will control the contractor, materials, quality, and timeline of the job. The $ cost gap between a “cheap” roof and a “great” roof can be so large, even 50% could be better than simply letting the current homeowner complete the job. Remember, your greatest power as a buyer is the willingness to walk away. If the seller won’t agree to a fair deal, let him try to sell to someone else.

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