Spring Cleaning Tips for Local Roofing Systems

Spring Cleaning Tips for Local Roofing Systems


Springtime in Mississippi means a return to the backyard. Which is the perfect time to perform that yearly “checkup” on your roof and ensure it’s ready for storm season.

A quick look at your roofing system now will ensure it’s ready for the heat, humidity, and heavy storms that are on the way. This blog will discuss how to get your home is prepped and ready, as well as how to spot warning signs that could cause trouble in the future.


Mississippi roofing systems take on considerable wear and tear. Follow our checklist to ensure your system is ready to stand up to high winds, storms, and hail.

Clean / maintain gutters-

Maintaining a well-functioning gutter system is one of the most important steps a homeowner can take to protect their roof. Mississippi’s winters are especially hard on gutters. Rotting leaves, twigs and debris can lead to serious issues with your roofing system or even your home’s foundation. Make sure to clean your gutter system every spring. Hire a professional if you have areas you can’t reach. If pieces of the system are cracked, worn, or failing, make sure to address them and ensure your system has proper flow.

Use a top down approach to cleaning. Start at the highest point of the system; removing all leaves, twigs etc. Then address lower portions and downspouts. Removing the downspout will make it easier to clean. Be on the look out for separation or sagging that can limit drainage capacity of the system.

Trim Trees-

Untrimmed tree branches will do a number on your roof and roofing system. From mild winds, to a major hail storm- a fallen branch can happen anytime, damaging shingles or even creating leaks. Springtime is the right time to trim troublesome branches and limbs. Use common sense. If a limb is over the roof? Trim it. If a tree is near enough to where it looks like it could cause damage? Trim it. A little prep now will go a long way towards protecting to investment you’ve made in your home.

Inspect Attic-

If you have an attic, grab a flashlight and perform a quick inspection. Shine your light over all structural portions of your roofing system, using common sense to ensure everything looks normal. If you see signs of water damage, rot, or mold, call a Mississippi roofing contractor and schedule an inspection.

Last, but not least-

Still in doubt? Schedule a roof inspection. An inspection from a reputable Mississippi roofing contractor will put you at ease, and ensure you’re protecting the investment you’ve made in your home. A roof inspector goes over every part of the roofing system, looking for leaks, wear and tear, debris damage, organic growth or foundation issues, or even problems that may have resulted from prior repairs. An inspection will provide piece of mind that any small problems are discovered / addressed and helps avoid major issues down the road.

Mississippi’s Preeminent Roofer

We hope you enjoyed our roofing tips and can make use of them this spring. Your roof is the most crucial investment you’ll make regarding the life of your home or business. Our team of experts at Ready 2 Roof understand and take this responsibility very seriously. From a hole in your roof, to a whole new roof, contact us today for Mississippi’s preeminent roofing experience. We proudly serve Jackson, Meridian, and all surrounding areas.