Steps To Take After a Hail Storm


Steps To Take After a Hail Storm

Has your home or business been hit by a recent hail storm? Mississippi roofs experience greater than average wear and tear. If your property has recently seen hail or thunderstorm damage, this blog will discuss steps you should take.

Steps To Take After a Mississippi Hail Storm:

Step 1: Beware of “storm chasing” roofers

Fly by night roofers, also known as “storm chasers,” canvas neighborhoods hit by recent storms. A reputable Mississippi roofing contractor will never show up at your home without an appointment, and will never pressure you to sign over your insurance rights. Fly by night roofers are often out of business or operating under a different name when a customer calls to make a warranty claim. If you encounter a “storm chasing” roofer, stop immediately. Don’t sign any paperwork before getting a quote from a trusted Mississippi roofing contractor.

Step 2: Document damage

Check windows and skylights first. If you find broken glass, cracked glass, dents, or splatter marks around windows, this could be an indicator of roof damage. Take pictures and document storm damage and debris within your view. Look for downed limbs, missing shingles, or other visible damage to the actual roof. Document and take pictures from the ground.

Step 3: Call a local roofing professional

If your roof has sustained hail damage, get the opinion of a trusted local roofing professional before you sign. A trusted Mississippi roofing contractor will get the job done right the first time- and will still be in business years down the road should you ever need to use your warranty. Reputable roofing contractors always offer free estimates. Get a second opinion before making the mistake of hiring a “storm chasing” roofing contractor.

Step 4: Review your insurance policy

The good news is most insurance policies cover hail damage. Take this time to review the details of your policy. Refresh yourself with the level of coverage. Look for specific details that could affect the filing of your claim. For instance, some policies have time limits for hail damage. Remember, DO NOT sign over your insurance rights to someone who knocks on your door. If you have questions about filing a clam- we are here to help.

Step 5: Prepare for next storm

Prep can go along way to protect your home from the next storm. Pay attention to your gutters. Make sure they a clean and clear, including downspouts. Allowing water to quickly flow away from your home is the easiest way to prevent damage in a future storm. Clogged gutters can contribute to a myriad of issues, from water damage and mold, or even serious foundation damage. Trim tree branches and limbs that are near or over the home. Tree limbs become projectiles in severe storms and often cause serious roof damage. Additionally, check the attic and garage for signs of mold, rot, or water damage. If you spot something that doesn’t look right?- Call a local Mississippi roofing contractor.

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