Storm Damage Scammers: Storm Chasers and Roving Roofers

Storm Damage Scammers: Storm Chasers and Roving Roofers


Storm Chasing Scammers

We understand the urgency and chaos that follows after a major storm. Residents want their homes restored and made whole as soon as possible. At Ready 2 Roof, we can install an emergency patch at no cost to you and respond to emergency calls within hour as part of our storm response service. Because your roof is one of the most important components of your home, don’t trust it to just anyone.

After severe weather outbreaks, out-of-town roofing scammers called storm chasers set up shop and attempt to capitalize on desperate homeowners. In most cases, these roving roofers are not experienced, certified or interested in restoring your roof to its original condition. Chasers may say their work is guaranteed but their “tail-gate warranties” often run out moment their tail-gate disappears as they drive away, leaving the homeowner with no recourse.

Chasers are just one of many kinds of scammers who show up in storm-ravaged areas. And like many perpetrators of fraud, they know how to work the system. To avoid detection, chasers may get a local number, local vehicle license plates and create a company with an online presence, vehicle magnets and even fabricate referrals that create the impression it has been in business in the area for years.

These opportunists understand how insurance companies work. They track weather reports and target areas that have been hit by hail and damaging wind because insurance companies are paying out big bucks for roof replacements in the affected area. After a natural disaster, homeowners are desperate. Emergency situations create a sense of urgency for repairs and restoration.

Scammers know how to take advantage of this situation to separate homeowners from thousands and thousands in insurance payouts. They know how to determine how much it will cost to install a cheap roof that looks new. Some may ask for the cost of materials up front, then disappear with the money, never to return.

If they do, their work may be substandard; they cut corners, do not fix underlying issues like damaged decking or fail to install a complete roof. The homeowners is left with a roof that will last 5-7 years, isn’t covered by insurance or a warranty and may be in worse shape than before. By the time problems arise, the chasers are long gone.

At Ready 2 Roof, our contractors are manufacturer certified. Our warranties cover 100% of the costs of replacing your newly installed roof from Day 1. We take personalized care and customer service seriously. Our referrals reflect the trust our customers have in our work.

When the stress and life-altering inconvenience of storm damage hits your home, contact the roofers you can trust. Emergency repair and peace of mind is just a phone call away: 601-401-4636