Top 5 Reasons To Call A Roofer


Top 5 Reasons To Call A Roofer

Have you sustained damage from recent storms? Most homeowners don’t think about their roofs until they notice a problem. “Is my damage serious enough to call a roofer?” This blog will discuss the top 5 reasons Mississippi homeowners call a roofer, and provide a benchmark to help determine the right course of action for your home.

Top 5 Reasons for Roofing calls:


Area weather patterns make Mississippi prone to high winds and severe storms. Finding a downed shingle in your yard or near your home is reason enough to call a professional. If you notice a downed shingle or shingles, do your best to complete a visual inspection of where the it came from, and check for further damage such as downed tree limbs or debris. If you live in close proximity to other houses, check to make sure the shingle didn’t come from your neighbors. If so (with respect to social distancing guidelines) try to do the neighborly thing and let them know about the damage. Downed shingles need to be replaced to maintain a properly functioning roofing system. If you notice damage call a trusted local Mississippi roofing professional.


Our roofs stand up to countless severe storms over the course of their lifetime. As we discussed above Mississippi’s local weather is particularly brutal. Downed tree limbs, flying debris, hail, high wind, tropical systems; we run the gamut. As rule of thumb, you should have your roof checked after every major storm. What do we mean by that? Trust your gut. When a storm is “severe enough” that you’re concerned about your roof, listen to that concern. Roofing issues are almost always simpler to address now as opposed to letting them develop into larger issues down the road. A roofing contractor will inspect portions of your roof that may be difficult to see from the ground, as well as check the attic or interior for damage that may go unseen. If you feel like something may be wrong, call.


Few things beat up a roof like hail. Shingles, vents, skylights, fans, gutters, drainage, every part of your roof takes the brunt of a hailstorm. If our car gets hit by hail, we pick up the phone and make a claim. And it’s no different with your roof. Unlike your car or truck, hail damage may not be truly discovered until the next storm. It may not even be detectable from the ground. When you experience a hail event, it’s always a good idea to call a local roofing professional and get everything checked out.


It’s fair to say we’ve had a good amount of severe weather over the past 20 years. How many storms have hit your roof over that time? The world will never know. Like 100,000 mile maintenance on your car our truck, the 20 year mark is the right time to have an inspection. Life of shingles and structural components depend on many factors, and your roof very well could have quality years left. That said most roofing problems are easier and cheaper to address sooner rather than later. In order to keep and protect the investment in your home, schedule a roof inspection for your roof’s 20th birthday.


Not a shock that this comes in at number one on our top 5. Leaks are the number one reason Americans call roofers. From noticing a minor stain on the ceiling, to juggling buckets when it rains; you obviously need to call a roofer upon discovering a leak. Major or minor, unnoticed or unattended leaks will only get worse, will grow mold or mildew, and can lead to multiple other problems. If you spot signs of a leak. Call a trusted local roofing contractor.

Mississippi’s Preeminent RooferWe hope you enjoyed our roofing tips, and can make use of them this spring. Your roof is the most crucial investment you’ll make regarding the life of your home or business. Our team of experts at Ready 2 Roof understand and take this responsibility very seriously. From a hole in your roof, to a whole new roof, contact us today for Mississippi’s preeminent roofing experience. We proudly serve Jackson, Meridian, and all surrounding areas