What Does Ventilation Do for the Roof?

What Does Ventilation Do for the Roof?

Every homeowner knows that the roof is one of the most important components of our home. It not only protects us from storms but also has the ability to retain heat during winter and cool the air in the summer. Therefore, while its structural integrity and materials are important, ventilation is also an essential part of any high-quality roof. But why is roof ventilation so important, and what can it do for my house?

What Is Roof Ventilation?

Roof ventilation allows air to circulate through the attic space and then escape through the vents. The roof ventilation system is made up of intake and exhaust vents installed throughout the attic area. And while many ventilation systems are powered by wind, others are using electricity to circulate air.

Why Is Roof Ventilation Important?

There’s no denying that roof ventilation has a variety of benefits, making it an essential part of any roof. For starters, it prevents overheating by allowing hot air to escape through the vent system. And since shingles can get damaged due to summer heat, increasing the roof ventilation cools them, extending the life of our roof.

Furthermore, in cold climates, roof ventilation can help against ice dams and the damage they do to roofs. What are ice dams? To put it simply, ice dams develop when a warm roof and sun heat melt ice and snow, creating water puddles which then refreeze. Eventually, those ice dams can damage the roof and allow water to infiltrate inside the walls or attic. However, roof vents can easily prevent ice dams by allowing warm air to circulate.

Not only that, but roof ventilation reduces extreme indoor temperatures, and by extension, reduces the strain on air conditioning systems. Therefore, a good roof ventilation system can save you money in the long run. And if you plan the placement of the vents accordingly, you can even retain heat during winter, further increasing the amount of money you are saving.

Additionally, roof ventilation prevents condensation, which is one of the main causes of mold growth. In fact, most roofing contractors know that low-quality ventilation systems can prove detrimental to a resident’s health. As a result, professional roofers put a lot of time and attention into designing the roof ventilation system.


Overall, roof ventilation is extremely important, no matter what climate you find yourself living in. From keeping your roof cold during summer to preventing mold, proper roof ventilation is a must.

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